"Customer service on rainy days"
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Wet Umbrella Wrapper Business

Umbrella bag dispenser

new dropcare procduct line

We developed a new product line with high quality details: DROPCARE

Our new models already arrived with brand new improvements. A cover with customer instructions and an extendable handle for flexible use. And still with high quality appearance, durable and solid. Let's upgrade your umbrella wrappers.

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a solution on rainy days

Offer your customers a solution on rainy days

In European cities there is a lot of rain (e.g. in Berlin an average of 166 days a year). A wet umbrella wrapper for your customers contains 1000 bags for covering wet umbrellas. Allow your clients to enjoy the experience at your place.

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Your claim of service

Your claim of service decides

Show your high standards in customer service. Extra service in rainy weather is an easy-to-use bag dispenser for wet umbrellas at your entrance.

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innovative solution on rainy days

An innovative and simple solution on rainy days

Easy-to-use mechanism. Customers can help their selves. No electronics. You are flexible, because no power supply is required. Made from stainless steel. Enjoy high quality appearance, durability and solidness. Weather and weather resistant - therefore virtually maintenance free. No need of more arguments.

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Save costs

No more moisture and humidity. Cut costs

Wet umbrellas are safely stowed, which lowers your costs and saves your nerves. The bag dispenser stops water damage to your goods for sale, equipment and furnish. In addition avoid the risk of slipping and save extra on cleaning costs.

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Anywhere usage

Can be used anywhere

The bag dispensers are practical and versatile. Experience the benefits at shopping centers, retailers, hotels and convention centers, office buildings and reception halls. Just as museums, theaters and churches. And everyone who relies on a professional wardrobe.

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Available in Europe

Available in your markets

Fast delivery of umbrella wrappers to your markets: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria , Romania and Greece.

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Satisfied customers

Customers are satisfied

At first I was surprised that such a machine even exists. Now I think it's just practical. Lena Simon, Wetzlar
I got in contact to that trend already in Asia. Indeed these dispensers are in every mall you visit in China. Matthias Reuter, Frankfurt
Shopping in the rain is much more convenient for me as train commuter. Anna-Lena Floor, Mainz

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